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tonebase gives you instant access to knowledge from the world's greatest guitarists, performers and educators. Simple, easy, on-demand and on-line. We are currently in a closed beta.
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Why tonebase?

Interactive Learning Environment

Modern, Interactive Learning Environment

tonebase provides a robust 21st century learning environment for guitar. Interactive score integration allows you to switch between the artists explanation and an image of the sheet music being played allowing you to easily follow the concepts being described.

High Quality Educators

Access to High-Level Artists & Educators

tonebase works with a community of the worlds most accomplished artists & educators to source our exclusive content. This means the ideas, talent and technique on the platform is unmatched anywhere on the internet- Youtube, Vimeo, you name it.

Artists Benefit

Our Proceeds Directly Benefit Musicians

tonebase justly compensates all our artists for their knowledge and time. Artists are the key to our platform and we treat them with fairness and humility. Artists share in the profits of the platform and are compensated on a per video basis.

About Us

tonebase, inc. aims to democratize music education by opening access to the world's greatest artists and educators. By providing a platform for the world to engage with the knowledge these legends have collected over their illustrious careers, we hope to inspire the next generation of musicians and bring music education into the 21st century.

tonebase, inc. was founded at Yale University. It is currently funded by the Yale Entrepreunerial Institute. To learn more about the team or if you have any questions please contact us.

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