Aniello Desiderio

Aniello Desiderio

About Aniello Desiderio

Aniello Desiderio is a professor at S. Giacomantonio University of Music in Cosenza Italy. He is known for his intricate touch, speed and precision on the instrument, delivering "acrobatic arpeggios and scales of extraordinary brilliance", which has led to comparisons with Paganini. He is particularly renowned for his interpretations of Paganini, Scarlatti, Carulli, and lesser known Italian composers on a world scale.

Acclaimed as one of the best Italian classical guitarists, as of 2004, Desiderio has won 18 first International Awards in both national and international competitions. Mr. Desiderio has toured and recorded extensively as a solo performer, the featured soloist of renowned orchestras, and with his own ensembles.

In 2003, he co-founded the World Guitar Ensemble, which brought together the talents of 10 exceptional classical guitarists. In 2008, together with his brothers Gennaro Desiderio (violin) and Gaetano Desiderio (piano), Aniello founded Quartetto Furioso, a group that ambitiously blends baroque and tango music into a sound as unique as Desiderio himself.

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