Introduction & Vivace (Koshkin)

Marko Topchii shares his musical and technical approach to playing this incredibly virtuosic piece, Introduction & Vivace by Nikita Koshkin. Topchii not only provides the fingerings he has developed over years of playing this piece but also the thought process that has led to his different technical solutions.

In conjunction with this masterclass, Koshkin’s lesson on the origin and inspiration for this piece can be found here

Part 1: Introduction | Practicing sequences | Campanella scales
Part 2: Fortifying beginnings
Part 3: Intro fingerings
Part 4: Intro fingerings cont.
Part 5: Intro fingerings cont.
Part 6: Intro fingerings cont. | Jumps
Part 7: Vivace introduction
Part 8: Vivace fingerings
Part 9: Vivace fingerings cont. | Conclusion

Artist Biography

Marko Topchii has won more than 80 awards worldwide in the international guitar competitions in the professional category. Among them, 34 first places in the competitions worldwide. Marko actively performs around the world, regularly gives concerts with the orchestra; he is the desired teacher of master classes and juror of competitions; he is constantly mentioned in the mass media.

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