Warming Up (Harb)

Tariq Harb sheds light on the warm up from a neurological standpoint, emphasizing the four pillars of technique: tremolo, scales, arpeggios, and left hand. In each pillar, Harb focuses primarily on maintaining independence of the finger movements.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Tremolo | Scales
Part 3: Arpeggios | Left hand | Conclusion
Capricho Arabe (Tárrega)

Tariq Harb walks through Tarrega’s famous masterpiece Capricho Arabe, demonstrating effective ways of interpreting this evocation of Arabic music. In the score, Harb provides students with his thoughtful fingerings which when combined with a wide vibrato imitates the sound of the Arabic violin. Harb also touches on the importance of mental imagery that helps the telling of the piece’s story when you are performing.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Arabic evocation | Opening | Vibrato
Part 3: Intonation | Scale
Part 4: Opening theme | Structure | Melody
Part 5: Second theme | Emphasis | Chromatic scale | Storytelling
Part 6: Third theme | Ad libitum | Shifting/slurring exercise
Part 7: Transition | Restatement | Conclusion

Artist Biography

A Jordanian-Canadian with Palestinian roots, Tariq Harb moved to Canada to commence university studies. At age 25, after quitting his initial career in finance and starting a performance career in music, he diligently studied the guitar with Roddy Ellias, Patrick Kearney, Jerome Ducharme, Dr. Garry Antonio and Dr. Jeffrey McFadden, and the violin with Clemens Merkel of the Bozzini Quartet and Claude Gelineau. Harb currently holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Toronto, a Masters in Performance degree from McGill University, and Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from Concordia University. He joined Concordia University's Music Department as a faculty member in Fall 2015.

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